Ways to Handle Difficult Employees

Running a successful business comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the difficulties that tend to arise is managing difficult employees. This can be a sort of emotional battle experience that is stressful for both manager and employee alike. Most often these situations with employees are rectified by voluntary or involuntary termination. There are alternatives approaches to situations with problem employees that is able to get better results.

Managers can build an effective working relationship with their difficult employees and motivate them to improve their performance. The goal is to not punish employees but encourage them to be productive. Dismissal procedures are usually not necessary when there can be simple ways to rectify the problem.

Except for when you are dealing with a irreversible offense or special circumstances your first interaction with your difficult employee should be coaching. Problem employees have the potential to become model employees if coached correctly. If these types of employees have the skills and/or potential in their respective fields it is in your best interest to guide them into the right path for success. If your first approach is to work with them in a productive way you will, more often than not, get a cooperate response. This will start a much better path for rebuilding a healthy work relationship. The goal is to show your employees that you can handle situations without abusing your power and you have their best interest at heart.

You must create a cordial but business tone in your interactions and meetings. When there are things that must be addressed it’s better to address them in private. This comes from the management principle of praising in public and correcting in private. When certain things come up it is important as a manager or business owner to have an accurate and specific example of the employee’s behavior and actions. This dismisses any misinterpretations and the conversation is exact and to the point. When you are able to agree with the employee that a problem exists, the quicker it will be to come to a solution. It is beneficial to ask the employee to talk about the reason for his latest performance and therefore provide the manager with useful information.

Having open communication with your employees can help bridge gaps and improve on your business. Often times there could be other reasons that arise which must be addressed immediately. There are always going to be employees that show promise and need some guidance, It is good to invest in your employees and create a sense of trust, loyalty and respect.