The Psychology Behind Selling

Lets start with a difficult question, what is sales? Many successful businessmen can tell you different answers. But, when it all comes down to it sales is a simple transfer of enthusiasm. Regardless of what you are selling, people will gravitate and buy from the person who exudes honest enthusiasm and passion.

One thing we must remember in this day and age is that no one likes to be “sold” anything. People have become more psychologically aware of this tend to be turned off by it. They are looking to learn more on what you have to offer or looking to exchange. Once you begin to just sell, passion is no longer primary and the interaction between you and the potential customer becomes less and less personable. Now a days people want to be a part of something that feels better. 99% of people you talk to want passion an enthusiasm. Most of us do not want to be read a script that sounds memorized. Hi my name is John Doe, this product is great and the reason is 123.

When we turn away from these generic scripts the question becomes, how do we convey something to people that is genuine? Well, be genuine! More often than not people are looking to buy an experience more so than an actual product. If you can effectively show them what the experience has done to you then they are already sold. This comes from believing in your product and showing the public that belief. Why will someone want something you are selling, if they see that you don’t believe in what you have? At this point you need to sit back and change your mindset of what you believe in. Find a way to relate yourself to the external. What is it about the product that you can relate to and then relate it to others.

You can be as enthusiastic and passionate about your business as possible but the fear of rejection is still something to overcome. You need to give yourself the opportunity to meet others in sales that will reject you. The truth is that rejection is inevitable at any point of a sale, but fearing that rejection prevents you from transferring the full enthusiasm of your pitch and already puts you at a deficit. Try starting off your conversation thinking they already said no. By doing this you have gotten over the fear of rejection and can focus on transferring your enthusiasm about the product to your customer. You have the ability to show them your belief and passion and what they will gain from the exchange.

An important part of any sale is the close. Many people are afraid of asking for a close. In which ever business you have, this is usually the most sensitive part. When tackling this process, be confident in the fact that you are good enough and so is your business. Don’t take “no” as a rejection but an opportunity to learn. learning from rejections are the best way to better yourself and increase future sales. Even when you have a successful pitch, you can always improve on it. Whether its finding different ways to connect to customers faster to refining your pitch.

Sales is all about Psycholinguistics. Knowing how to talk to customers and connect with them on a more personable level. Taking them out of the “He/She is selling me something” mentality to “I want what he/she has” comes down to using the right words. Connect with your customers, switch your pitch, don’t be afraid of rejection and watch your sales go up!