Reaching The Generation Z Market

Many people believe the millennial population is the ideal market. Most marketing strategies are veered toward this group of people and fail to notice the population coming up right behind. Generation Z is coming up through the seems as time goes by growing larger in size. Now is the time to start thinking about marketing strategies that are designed to target this group of people. This generation has proven to be indecisive with  their likes and dislikes. This fact can make it difficult to capture their attention and gear them towards your product or services.

The best way to establish a relationship with any generation is to meet them at the places they spend most of their time. Keep in mind that this population of individuals are a generation of alternative social media users. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube are the main source of entertainment. Facebook has become a thing of the past. So, when marketing to this group it is important that these social media platforms are completely updated and have content specifically designed for them.

When it comes to your business the best way to stay informed on all things Generation Z is not through the internet but up front and center. Therefore, hiring Generation Z as interns is a great way to be on top of the market. When you are able to see the way this group  interacts with their environment, work method, and their specialties it makes your business stay fresh with innovative ideas. Engage them just as any other generation, don’t treat them any different or put them under a microscope. Whether its hiring them or holding focus groups to even having this generation in your advisory board learning from them first hand is the best way to know how to market to them.

Generation Z  will bring forth much change to businesses and the way they do marketing. It’s important to stay informed on the most effective platforms and keep your product or service always in a line of sight. Since this generation tends to be fickle in their decision making, consistently advertising your business in their main social media platforms is crucial. Although Generation Z seems to bring more change it will also open more opportunity for growth. This is a generation of new innovators and creative thinkers. So, don’t forget, keep your friends close but generation Z closer.