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The Rise In Small Business Loans

According to PayNet, A lending provider of small business credit data and analysis, the month of May had an all time high in small business lending. The number of borrowers […]

Understanding The Franchise Way

Franchisees the franchisor should remember that a huge key to success is the franchisor’s culture of support, co-operation, communication, education, and profitability with their franchisees. The ability to build a […]

Trust and Accountability Goes A Long Way in The Workplace

Sometimes businesses struggle in the motivation department. Employee retention and engagement is a growing challenge in todays workforce. Keeping employees happy and motivated to work are two key factors in […]

Protect Your Companies DNA

Just like your body needs DNA to regenerate your cells, Data is needed in your company to regenerate business. There are many types of data a business produces, big and […]

What it Takes to Start a New Business

There are two things you need to start a business. The first is a great idea that will stick and the second is adequate funding. New businesses go through much […]

How Important is HR For Startups?

Startups are risky in its early years. Hiring the right people to help scale the business is crucial for success. However, as the company grows, the employees have less risk […]

Trends Your Business Needs to Adopt

Small businesses have to be very conscious about how their money is spent. Every dollar made counts and being able to cut corners is essential for growth. There are many […]

Investment Options For 2018

Maybe you have recently come into an influx of money, or you’ve been saving up in the hopes to get into the investment field. Whatever the reason may be there […]

Ways to Improve Female Leadership

Research has shown that there are less than 5% female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies. Yet, it is a proven fact that companies with more gender diversity among leadership have […]

Ways to Handle Difficult Employees

Running a successful business comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the difficulties that tend to arise is managing difficult employees. This can be a sort of emotional […]

Startups Are For Risk-takers, Here’s What You Should Know

Startup companies are known for their innovative ideas and willingness to create new things. But how can a company create things that people are willing to buy or pay for […]

You Cant Be a Leader Overnight, or Can You?

Any successful business requires effective and great leaders who are able to inspire and motivate employees to put maximum effort in their work. Sadly, most businesses out there lack this […]

Women Venturing into Entrepreneurialism

Its no secret that being an entrepreneur is a tough gig, add “women” to the mix and you have a whole new job. Often times women feel intimidates in a […]

What is Your Ideal Retirement Age ?

Retirement is a thought many people have in the back of their mind. Many of us think about the age at which we want to retire and the lifestyle we […]

Reaching The Generation Z Market

Many people believe the millennial population is the ideal market. Most marketing strategies are veered toward this group of people and fail to notice the population coming up right behind. […]

Some Business Issues to Consider This Year

Every year businesses are faced with new challenges and opportunities. Changes in perspectives, legislation and innovations force businesses to adapt and overcome obstacles. Staying on top of the current issues […]

Tips And Tricks For New Investors

Getting into the stock market can be an exciting new gamble. This market changes on a daily basis and not being well informed when entered can prove to be a […]

Investment Apps to Consider

Thinking about dipping your toes into the investment world? It can be intimidating and confusing to get involved. But, if done right, the future pay of is worth the trouble. […]

Why Getting a Business Loan is a Good Idea

Considering getting your first business loan? Many people will come to you with their opinion on why you should or shouldn’t do it. Everyone you meet will have some story […]

Market For The People, Not The Product

You’ve just come up with best idea out there. Something you know for sure the people will love! The way you market it is where the true challenge lies. Knowing […]

Sell The Experience, Not Just The Product

Many of the highly critical parts in your career involve selling. Everything from selling a product or service to a customer to selling yourself to a potential employer. The ability […]

The Psychology Behind Selling

Lets start with a difficult question, what is sales? Many successful businessmen can tell you different answers. But, when it all comes down to it sales is a simple transfer of […]

The Importance of Good Marketing Strategies

The main way many businesses become successful is through a great marketing strategy. The public is most likely going to turn to the company that appeals to them most. You […]

Ways to Make Your Business Shine on Instagram

80% of Instagram users willingly connect with a brand through Instagram. It is the first social media that users turn to for entertainment and even current news. Therefore, having a […]

Improving Your Marketing Strategies

There are two billboards promoting the same products, one is funny and engaging and the other is boring and outdated. Which one will catch your attention? It is no surprise […]

How Does Debt Serviceability Affect Your Small Business

A debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR) can make all the difference for a business owner when seeking financing. Although there can be many components of the debt-service coverage ratio, in simplest […]

The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly Parts of Entrepreneurship

Every career change has its ups and downs. Not every day is the same, some are more unpredictable that others. Entrepreneurship has its fair share of pros and cons. Before […]

What Not to Do When Your an Entrepreneur

Many people are eager to say the things you must do to be a good entrepreneur but fail to mention that which can be detrimental to your business. After all, […]

Essential Tips for the Next Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not only about having a good idea and wanting to create something new with it, it’s also about being able to turn those ideas into reality. […]