Investment Options For 2018

Maybe you have recently come into an influx of money, or you’ve been saving up in the hopes to get into the investment field. Whatever the reason may be there are 4 places to  look at when trying to make a decision. When you have no idea where you put in that extra money, the sheer number of possibilities become overwhelming. That’s why it is beneficial to stick to these 4 investment options when you enter the world of investments.

Often times, people spend so much time over analyzing options that you end up never investing at all. Life happens and the extra cash you had lying around gets consumed instead of multiplied. Acting fast and smart is your best bet If you don’t want to see your money slowly disappear. So let’s dive into a few mart options when you’re looking to invest.

Everybody thinks of the stock market as the first place to go when investing becomes an option for you. Although investing in the stock market seems like the most basic advice given, it is proven to pay off. Everyone tends to have different opinions on the stock market, some think it’s too risky and sit on the sidelines, others believe it is overvalued and not worth the effort. And while those opinions may be true, it is wise to remember that while investing, you should never put all your eggs in one basket. It might not be the best idea to invest all your money in the stock market, but you can definitely profit from using a method known as “dollar cost averaging”.

This method is lengthy yet beneficial in the long run. Essentially you want to buy less shares when the market is high and more shares when the market is low. There are many other ways to investing in the stock market each of which, if done correctly, will give you a great return.

Investment plans are not only meant for companies but can be put to use with peers. Peer-to-peer lending is quickly becoming a more profitable trend. With companies like Lending Club and Prosper you are able to loan money to individuals in small amounts. With peer-to-peer lending you are acting like a bank and investing into people and their goals. While this concept may seem strange, having a rate of return start at 5% and increase with riskier loans, it is a safe bet to make. If the stock market is not an option for you peer-to-peer lending can add value to your investments.

While the stock market and peer-to-peer lending sites are a strong choice, there is another option that can fit right in. While looking for investment option, do not leave out real estate. Now, investment properties might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but again, there are options. Investing in real estate notes or go with companies that buy commercial properties and then allow people to invest small sums of money are a few options to choose from. The risk with real estate can be high but should never be taken out of the pool of options when looking to invest.

At the end of it all, one of the best investments any one can make is in themselves. Investing in yourself is one of the most rewarding ways to get the most out of your money. Reading books that challenge you to grow, attending seminars, hiring business coaches and even going back to school are amazing ways to invest in yourself. It is something that can never go wrong and will absolutely pay off. So before you invest in others, invest in yourself.